Rest assured, she has your family in mind.

Jo is a mum of three amazing sleepers (now) and the owner and founder of Sleepy Time Baby.  It is her mission to help as many parents as possible, to support them and guide them through to a better night’s sleep. She was ready to reach more parents in need and knew she needed to level up her branding to do so.

“I’m so grateful to Rowena, she is honest and creative which is a powerful combination to have on your side. She made the entire design process so simple and easy, and the quality of work is beyond my expectations.”

“She is an absolute talent at what she does, and I highly recommend her.”


“I was one of those people just looking for a logo for the sake of it. Until I met Rowena. Only through working with her did I realise the absolute importance of getting your brand right. I am so, so in love with what she has done.”

“I can’t believe this is my brand. I’m so excited.”