Mikala is a productivity coach and automation queen for women who struggle with their time and beliefs about what they can achieve. Through mindset and the meaningful use of tech and automation she helps them free up as much time as possible. The problem is, that her old brand was hindering her rather than helping.

“I was struggling to show my personality through my brand.

It was really frustrating and communicating with my audience was a struggle, as I tried to balance what I want-ed to say with what my brand should say.

“Now it is great, I can just say what I want the way I want because my brand is really reflective of me as a person. Your branding defines how your business is presented to the world and being clear and confident with that makes communicating with your audience so much easier.”

“Working with Rowena has given me more confidence to step into my business as truly myself.

“You have helped me to create a brand that encompasses who I am as well as what I do.”